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Our Allies

An ally to Kaleidoscope is someone who has joined forces, banded together, teamed up, aligned themselves, formed an alliance, and thrown in their lot toward our mission to help women of color grow their leadership skills leveraging the “kaleidoscope” of their strengths, talents and diversity.  

Allies are advocates who actively and publicly support the mission and philosophy behind our organization. Allies are not board members.  They are not part of our faculty nor do they facilitate our events and programs. Yet, they contribute in so many other ways and must be recognized.

Lew Belcher
Lew Belcher
Mr. Lewis Belcher Jr. was an ally and advocate for Kaleidoscope and its mission to help women of color grow their leadership skills since Kaleidoscope’s inception in 1991 until his passing in 2015. Lew attended Kaleidoscope Leadership Forums helping preparations, operations and logistics behind the scenes. He was an ally and outspoken advocate because he knew from his own leadership experience as a Master Sargent in the military, as a veteran’s counselor at a community college in Seattle, WA, as Director of Veterans Affairs in Washington State and as a social activist in Rockdale County, GA, that gender, racial, religious and cultural diversity is vital to us as a society. With a degree in sociology and his experience as a man of color, he knew that richness in thought and action emanates from diversity and inclusion.  In a personal statement as he retired from the military and years before Kaleidoscope began, Lew wrote, “I am committed to the improvement of my community and the tapestry of our diverse society that I have given 20 years of my life to protect.  I will give the rest of my life to make our community better for my family and all people.” And so he did.

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