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Our Mission

We help women of color to grow their leadership skills leveraging the “kaleidoscope” of their strengths, talents and diversity along with the understanding of their organizations to create both individual and organizational value.  >>Testimonials


Our Approach

While effective leaders possess a number of skills, traits and characteristics, we believe there are two aspects of effective leadership that are foundational - self-awareness and contextual understanding. These two traits are our focus. We know that without self-awareness and contextual understanding, other leadership characteristics, traits and attributes are less effective. We also believe that the more self-aware someone is and the better they understand the context in which they work, the stronger their emotional intelligence and the more effective and authentic they can be as leaders.

At Kaleidoscope, we recognize that women of color often face unique challenges as leaders at work. It is this insight that makes our efforts different from other leadership programs. It drives and inspires the content and curriculum in our Leadership Forums, and Posse Programs. Though we work with women of color, with a focus in education, we embrace women of color from other professions as participants, faculty, and staff. This professional diversity provides even more value in our efforts to inspire and grow leadership talent.

In the end, we want to provide participants with insights that will pivot their perspective on how to:

  • Grow and use their leadership strengths and talents
  • Use their diversity to enhance the kaleidoscope of possibilities for themselves and their organizations
  • Accelerate their leadership journey.

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