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What is a Posse? +

A posse is a group of people who have a common purpose.

What is the Posse Program? +

For us, Posse is a small diverse group who support each other and act as catalysts leveraging their collective diversity to help drive positive change and excellence in their organizations. Click here to read about our Kaleidoscope Posse Program.

What is the Recruitment & Retention Posse? +

The Recruitment & Retention Posse Program is comprised of (1) “graduates” from our forums, (2) individuals from their organization and (3) a member of our faculty who “check in” on the effort. The focus of this Posse is for the “graduates” to work together and with others in their organization to help enhance that organization’s recruitment, inclusion, and retention efforts.  We have developed a 3-step methodology using proven tools to help in this effort.   Contact us at if you are interested in our Recruitment & Retention Posse Program.

What is the Peer Support Posse? +

We developed the Support Posse Program using proven tools to help our graduates sustain and build on the insights they gained in self-awareness and understanding the context of the organization they are in or would like to be in. Contact us at if you are interested in our Support Posse Program.

Where do I go to get more information? +

Contact us at for more information.

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