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About Us

Options Unlimited, LLC was created in 2005 to address today’s leadership challenges through the lens of diversity in its broadest sense – cultural, racial, gender, religious, age and thought. It includes diversity that is seen and unseen. It also includes diversity that happens at the organization, the team and the individual levels.   This broader concept of diversity contributes to who each of us are, what we do, how we interact with others, and how we lead at work and home.

The Work We Do

OU has worked and consulted with executive and senior leaders in higher education and the world of business. Dr. Belcher, the President/CEO of Options Unlimited and leader of the Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute, is sought after as a strategic advisor, leadership coach, and inspirational speaker. The following describes what we do:

Leadership Forums

Each of our leadership forums are typically four days.  We often describe them as "Four inspired days.  One incredible experience."  We bring these forums to you and your team.  We use our proven methodology that is tailored to your organization's specific situation.  Some organizations pull together leaders from within their immediate organization.  Others reach out more broadly and pull together leaders from different divisions, departments, campuses and colleges.  See our two forums below.  Click contact us for more information.

• Options Unlimited 1.0:
   Professional development experience for senior leaders and senior teams

Options Unlimited 2.0:
   Professional development experience for executive leaders and executive teams


Our individual coaching targets senior or executive leaders who face opportunities related to their leadership style, leading change, leading challenging teams and more.  Click contact us for more information.

Options Unlimited Coaching:
   Individual leadership coaching for senior and executive individuals

Our Subsidiary Kaleidoscope

While the focus of OU is on senior and executive leaders and teams, its subsidiary, the Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute, focuses specifically on the unique challenges faced by women of color in leadership positions.

The Big 5 Trends

We believe the following trends (and more) place greater demands on all leaders regardless of their culture, race, gender, religion, age and point of view - regardless of their level in the organization.  The leadership skills and characteristics that were successful in the past are still very relevant, but how and when they are applied are more nuanced than ever before.

We call the following list of trends that are affecting leadership - The Big 5!

1- Technology
2- Globalization
3- The Internet / the Internet-of-Things
4- Growing diversity in culture, race gender, religion and generations
5- Diversity of thought that is increasingly polarizing and gridlocked

A Broader Lens of Diversity

Increasingly, many employee development professionals see diversity in broader and broader terms.  The growing list of diversity characteristics are put into two categories - the diversity we easily see and the diversity that takes time to know.  Our work at OU (and Kaleidoscope) embraces this broader definition of diversity.  We created the following graphic to represent this the "seen and unseen" sides of diversity.

2016 10 29 Kaleidoscope Iceberg with Words Snip It 1


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