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1- Stay connected with your mission.

There is no force stronger than mission driven leadership. Seek first to clearly determine your mission. You will know when you have found it. It's like finding the perfect shoe, in the perfect size and color, to match the perfect dress. It will just feel right! Next seek out tasks and assignments that are consistent with your mission. The synergy that emanates will empower and strengthen you for the challenges of leadership.

2- Maintain balance in your life.

Balance is always important. It becomes both increasingly difficult and increasingly important as you rise through the ranks. Lack of balance is a recipe for disaster. It works in the short term, but is destructive over time. It is so easy to work 24/7 and never give your mind or body time for full recovery. Learn to relax; take time to have fun and laugh; spend time in the spiritual realm; and hold friends and family close. You will be a stronger and healthier leader as a result.

3- Keep learning.

The only constant in today's world is change. It is important to attend conferences and meetings. Read and have healthy conversations with creative and informed individuals. You will have the knowledge and insights you need to provide innovative and creative leadership as a result.

4- Maintain connections with individuals at all levels within your organization.

The people and staff closest to the ground provide excellent intelligence AND they always know what is REALLY going on within your organizations. If you trust them, they will trust you and keep you informed. At higher levels within your institution, seek to learn who you can trust to tell you the truth. Find those individuals who will courageously stand between you and a bad decision. Stay close to these individuals. Keeping in touch with a trusted few is key to success in challenging times.

5- Establish and maintain clear priorities.

Stress is the result of the conflict between how you believe you should live your life and how you actually live your life. Clear priorities not only reduce stress they also provide a strong foundation for decision making. Each day you will make decisions about how you will allocate your time. Established priorities will keep you on the path to success and a quality life ,even as you are pulled in multiple directions.

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