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There are many ways to learn and sharpen your leadership skills these days. You can read books or blogs. You can listen to and/or view YouTube videos or podcasts. You can also tap into live webinars and take online courses. And of course there is always participating in face-to-face workshops, conferences and events. The following outlines why you should add the Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute as part of your effort to grow your leadership skills:


At Kaleidoscope, our professional development efforts relate to leadership, diversity and inclusion – important, but not unique per se.  What is unique is our specific focus on self-awareness and contextual understanding.  Our experience suggests that without self-awareness and contextual understanding, other very worthy leadership characteristics, traits and attributes are less effective. We also believe that the more self-aware someone is and the better they understand the context in which they work, the stronger their emotional intelligence and the more effective and authentic they can be as leaders


We believe there is no substitute for “face time”. Both Kaleidoscope and Options Unlimited help individuals unleash and strengthen their leadership abilities.  While Kaleidoscope focuses on women of color.  Options Unlimited broadens it’s target to the expanded notion of diversity which includes diversity of thought as well as diversity of culture, race, sexual orientation, and religion.  With a combination of case studies and first-hand experiences from participants and faculty, the forums are anchored by group and individual feedback and coaching that give participants insights to turbo charge their careers and leadership journeys. The experience is priceless! Here’s specifically what we offer:

Kaleidoscope (for women of color who want to grow their leadership skills)

Options Unlimited (for leaders and/or leadership teams who want to grow their skills)


The Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute understands there are so many ways to learn. For that reason, we continue to build our digital offering and partnerships to include links, information, and inspiration that are available 24/7. It begins with our website: KaleidoscopeLeadership.biz. But also includes the offering listed below.  Some of these digital offerings can be found on our website.



Kaleidoscope has had 25 years of excellence. And in those years over 95% of attendees and participants have given us top scores for the experience, content, coaching and tools. Our offering under Options Unlimited, LLC, our parent organization, has achieved similar accolades. Our heritage is in higher education, but our work also includes working with leaders in other industries as well. Testimonials


Contact us to see how we can help you and/or individuals and teams in your organization who want to improve their leadership skills and effectiveness.

Kaleidoscope Digital

  • 24/7 portal to diverse views, information and inspiration
  • Networking through Facebook

Kaleidoscope Face-to-Face

  • Addresses unique issues facing women of color in leadership
  • Helps participants use the power of their diversity to lead diverse teams
  • Uses proven tools and unique methods
  • Creates a small, safe, productive experiential environment
  • Provides a personalized tailored experience down to the individual level
  • Delivers insights and strategies to use in the workplace
  • Provides opportunity to network with participants, faculty and speakers
  • Interactive 4-day journey that leverages group, breakout and individual sessions

Options Unlimited Face-to-Face

  • Addresses issues faced by leaders in today’s increasingly diverse environment
  • Helps participants understand the power behind diversity in all its forms
  • Uses proven tools and unique methods
  • Creates a productive learning environment
  • Provides an experience tailored to the individual / team
  • Delivers insights and strategies to use in the workplace
  • Provides opportunity to network with faculty
  • Interactive 4-day journey that leverages group, breakout and individual sessions

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